November 2013 Salon

The second meeting of the GAP Salon was held on 4 November, 2013.

An online discussion forum and details of future meetings can be found at the GAP Salon Facebook group. Please join the group to see conversations and event details.


  • Biscuits.
  • Introduce ourselves around the circle, see who’s in the room and what they are thinking about today.

II. UPDATE on recent talks and events:

  • CPT Calm Down Dear festival
  • Feminism and Islam at Royal Court
  • Devoted and Disgruntled
  • BBC’s 100 Women conference
  • Feminism in London Conference
  • National Theatre panel on Gender and Theatre (Lucy Kerbel’s new book 100 Great Plays for Women)

III. ACTIONS – Ideas for Initiatives and Tactics. What inspires us? What are our top priorities? More ideas?


  • Facebook Group (established; invite colleagues, expand membership)
  • articulating goals & values of the Salon
  • “Works by Women” style meetup group
  • “Works by Women” style website
  • interviews with artists/essays/feature articles (does this already exist, ie FemaleArts, The F Word, others?)
  • Data collection – gender representation of directors, writers, actors in current productions.
  • Public Twitter conversation (#GAPsalon, @GAPsalon)
  • Letter/email writing campaign for specific lobbying effort(s)?


  • Working with Equity
  • gender parity pledge (US group is working on this, we could get involved)
  • gender equality checklist (FIA International Federation of Actors has done one, US group is working on this, too)
  • awards for theatres that achieve gender parity (ICPW already has one)
  • US/UK connections – Google Hangout panel discussion
  • partnerships with theatre companies/organisations/venues
  • WITWAF (working in theatre with a family)
  • WiT (Women in Theatre)
  • WISE (Women in Stage Entertainment)
  • FemaleArts
  • Equal Writes
  • Women Playwrights Trust
  • Feminst Theatre Network (Scotland) & “Tuck Your Cunt In”
  • Women in Film & TV mentoring organisation
  • Federation of Scottish Theatre – mentor training
  • Arts Emergency mentoring young people
  • others organisations…?
  • partnerships with high-profile theatre makers
  • partnerships with media & critics (New Statesman, Lyn Gardner/The Guardian, Black Chick Media)


  • monthly Salons
  • speed dating/networking events
  • skill swapping events/individual connections
  • career affinity groups
  • December 16-19 Women In Arts festival (Sarah Berger/ So & So Arts Club)
  • writing/devising workshop focused on dimensional female characters
  • “dine and shine” event


  • trans* artists outreach/showcase
  • GAP Trilogy of regendered productions alongside talks and workshops
  • readings/improv/drop in training
  • supporting existing gender balanced performance by buying tickets

IV. CLOSING with last thoughts, revelations, plugs for what everyone is working on.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 3rd December.  Details to come via the GAP Salon Facebook group.  As always, you are welcome, and feel free to bring any interested parties.

GAP Salon


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