December 2013 Salon

The third meeting of the GAP Salon was held on Monday, 3 December, 2013.

An online discussion forum and details of future meetings can be found at the GAP Salon Facebook group. Please join the group to see conversations and event details.

This time, we tried meeting in a pub rather than in a (big cold draughty) rehearsal space. With a small group, this is a workable (and tasty) solution to our meeting space needs. As the Salon continues to grow, we hope to find a regular home for our meetings, perhaps in a theatre or arts organisation lobby. Please contact us at if you have a space to offer.

Building on the list of initiatives and ideas from November’s meeting:

  • Plans for a group trip to Manchester in Autumn 2014 to see Hamlet at the Royal Exchange Theatre with Maxine Peake in the title role, directed by the Royal Exchange’s Artistic Director Sarah Frankcom. We’ll likely set up group trips to London productions in the meantime; details of all events will be posted on the GAP Salon Facebook group.
  • Skill sharing event early in the new year. Details forthcoming.
  • Guest speakers – on writing, on feminism and theatre funding.

Ideas about facilitating a peer community:

  • Sharing thoughts on what we’ve seen that we can recommend (or not recommend). See also:
  • Collective brainstorming about individual projects that are in their initial stages.
  • Sharing resources – press lists, industry invite lists, producing resources.
  • Spreading the word about upcoming opportunities (festivals, jobs, funding, mentoring etc).

Partnering with other organisations:

  • FemaleArts is aiming to expand coverage beyond London to all regions of the UK and even overseas. Check out the site if you want to get involved.
  • International Women’s Day at Southbank Centre.
  • SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now) through – San Francisco based organisation, but their database of artists and events is international.
  • League of Professional Theatre Women UK
  • NT Platforms – anyone can propose a talk?

Concerns about access:

  • Can we adjust our meeting times so that they are more parent-friendly? Monday evenings are difficult for people with childcare needs.
  • Events and meetings should be held in wheelchair-accessible spaces.
  • Meeting notes from our Salons and related events we’ve attended to be posted on the website for those who were not able to attend.

Much of our talk centred around productions we had seen recently or were looking forward to seeing, and opportunities to apply for festivals in the new year. The Salon can be a very helpful place for artists to share ideas and help each other progress in their careers. Coming soon: an “opportunities” page with links to career development resources.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 13th January.  Details to come via the GAP Salon Facebook group.  As always, you are welcome, and feel free to bring any interested parties.

Happy Holidays,
GAP Salon


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