January 2014 Salon

The fourth meeting of the GAP Salon took place on Monday, 13 January at 7PM. An online discussion forum and details of future meetings can be found at the GAP Salon Facebook group. Please join the group to see conversations and event details.

This month, we met over drinks and dinner in a private pub room for an intimate conversation. With a small group, this is a workable (and tasty) solution to our meeting space needs. As the Salon continues to grow, we hope to find a regular home for our meetings, perhaps in a theatre or arts organisation lobby. Please contact us at gapsalonlondon@gmail.com if you have a space to offer.

Following our December meeting, we are getting focused with some specific goals and priorities for 2014:

  • Seeing theatre as a group (starting with Blurred Lines at the National Theatre Shed on 20th February).
  • Hosting a skill sharing event in March – currently open to ideas for the best format for this.
  • Hosting three more events throughout the year, in response to member needs and ideas.
  • Actively seeking diversity in our membership through targeted outreach to underrepresented groups.
  • Continuing to develop our website with links, resources, and images.

Much of our talk centred around productions we had seen recently or were looking forward to seeing, and opportunities to apply for. The Salon continues to be a very helpful place for artists to share ideas and help each other progress in their careers.

Check out:

We also talked quite a bit about the new Sherlock series, and its representation of female characters.

For March and beyond, we are considering changing the Salon schedule from Monday evenings to a more accessible time. Input greatly appreciated!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 3rd February.  Details to come via the GAP Salon Facebook group.  As always, you are welcome, and feel free to bring any interested parties.


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