Recommended Reading


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A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism (from Feminists Fighting Transphobia, 2013)

A series of articles in the New Statesman’s Trans Issues Week. (January – September 2013)

Don’t Call Me Ma’am: The Politics of Trans Casting (Howlround, September 2013)

Interview with Laverne Cox for TIME Magazine cover story The Transgender Tipping Point (May 2014)


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Equity UK urges action over female stereotypes in theatre and TV. (September 2013)

Once More Into The Breeches (on Donmar Warehouse’s all-female Julius Caesar, 2013)

Unbound Theatre puts tales of everyday sexism into the mouths of male actors (FemaleArts interview January 2014)

Feature article with Lucy Kerbel about her new book 100 Great Plays for Women (November 2013)

10 Films That Passed the Bechdel Test in 2013 (Tribeca Film December 2013)

Getting Even: In Search of Gender Parity (Theatre Bay Area May 2013)

Theatre Audiences are Mostly Female; Why Not the Roles? (Huffington Post April 2013)

A series of articles on gender parity from Howlround. (April 2013)

Moderated gender parity conversation on Twitter via #newplay. (Howlround April 2013)

and followup Twitter conversation on gender parity advocacy via #newplay. (Howlround May 2013)


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Female Directors Start to Break Through in Theatre, but a Long Road Lies Ahead. (Washington Post, May 2009)

Does the National Theatre Have a Problem with Women? (The Guardian, November 2013)

Devoted & Disgruntled: How do we support the women making new theatre? (reports from Open Space event November 2013)

Women Playwrights Applaud Theatres (ICWP awards for theatres that achieve gender parity of playwrights 2013)

Emily Mann to Sandi Klein: Women, Theatre – Not There Yet. (Huffington Post June 2013)

Staging a Sisterhood: Female Directors More Prominent in New York (New York Times January 2013)

Theresa Rebeck’s Keynote Address (March 2010)

Women Aren’t Minorities (Theatre Bay Area Chatterbox Blog May 2012)

Rethinking Gender Bias in Theatre (New York Times 2009)

Women’s Voices Missing from the Theatre – Does Anyone Care? (Women’s Media Center 2007)


greatness permissionHow to Build Gender Parity Initiatives and Influence Theater (Howlround October 2012)

TACTICS interview series: Theatre Artists’ Collected Thoughts, Insights, Challenges, and Strategies for gender parity advocacy (May 2013)

A Call To Action from The Interval (August 2014)

Come to a GAP Salon meeting and get involved in local initiatives.

Many more articles are linked through the Works By Women San Francisco “reading room” and on the GAP Salon facebook group.