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WE EXIST: Christine Evans, Elaine Romero, and Rachel Jendrzejewski created an evolving, open-source list of female and trans playwrights to which anyone can add herself. The League of Professional Theatre Women teamed up to support them by creating this button that can be shared on any site with a link back to this list. With it we proudly declare that WE EXIST.



thekilroysThe Kilroys surveyed 127 influential new play leaders to compile a mighty brain trust. Their responses showcase the abundance of excellent new work being written by women today: These experts identified more than 300 plays as among the best work they had encountered in the past year. The Kilroys are a gang of playwrights and producers in LA who are done talking about gender parity and are ready to act. We are mobilizing others in our field and leveraging our own power to support one another.





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